How To Overcome Shyness On A First Date

How To Overcome Shyness On A First Date

Shyness can hinder you from finding your true love. On the other hand, the feeling of discomfort of meeting someone on a first date is a common event that many people are experiencing from time to time. However, there are those who are shyer than the others and they rather choose to go at the thought of not going on a date for the first time.

One must understand that overcoming shyness has no instant solution especially for those who are suffering from social anxiety. Nevertheless, through practice, change of personality and positive outlook, you can conquer your shyness permanently and become a happy and confident individual.

To help ease your dating anxiety and win the heart of the guy/girl of your dreams, follow these tips;

Make Small Talks

Try making a small talk to a stranger like asking someone from a book store or the person next to you in a cashier line until you become comfortable of doing it. Move out of your comfort zone and join few friends to go places or events that could improve your social interaction ability.

Keep Practicing

Learning things to make it work always took a lot of practice. No one is born confident about talking with everyone. From doing small talks to socializing in large groups, just keep on practicing, start small, go on and make yourself feel uncomfortable because that could be the way to overcome your shyness and build yourself up.

Take A Public Speaking Classes

Since your goal is to overcome shyness permanently and gain confidence in front of your ideal someone, taking a public speaking class may help you to succeed. Learning the art of speaking can help you defeat fear, increase confidence, improve communication and help you excel in other areas of your personal and work life, hence enables you to overcome shyness.

Let Go Of The Past

Let go of the negative online dating experiences you have in the past. Have faith that there is a better future for you to meet the right person who you can spend your whole life with. By letting go of the past, you are opening the door for a new dating opportunity that is intended for you.

Improve Yourself

As you develop your social interaction skills, you should also work towards improving your appearance. If that means going on a spa, joining a gym or buying new outfits that make you feel better about yourself, go for it.

Don’t Think Too Much

Sometimes it helps to just relax, be yourself and stop thinking of anything that bothers you. If you are shy, just talk the same way how you talk to your close friends or someone you know really well. If giving eye contact is not your thing, a stare at the forehead can do the trick.

If you are really eager to change and overcome your shyness, you will do something about it since you are the only person who can help yourself. Don’t give up. There are absolutely plenty of prospects out there who are ready and able to appreciate you from who and what you are.