How Lesbian Porn Helped Me Become A Better Lover

I have to be very thankful to pornography since it has done so much me. Besides allowing me to find sexual release when I masturbate, I am also getting better at other things. For one, viewing hardcore porn videos featuring lesbian sex, has taught me a few things. In fact, I can say that it has helped me become a better lover. Watching lesbian girls in porn videos kissing, touching and licking each other is amazing. In addition to the sex images being very erotic and provoking, they are also enlightening.

Permanent Exhibitions

In a way, the lesbian porn movies are illuminating in the art of sex with women. Most men who have sexual relations with females are very rough. They often grab women hard and thrust their cocks in their vaginas. If that wasn’t enough, the males wind up ejaculating before the women are even aroused. One of the worse things that can happen to a girl when having intercourse, is being left horny. She will become frustrated by the fact that she never got to have an orgasm, while the other person did. The truth is the best thing about sex is having an orgasm. It’s the reason why creampie hardcore porno films are viewed by millions. The same for those porn GIFS or videos showing squirting or women letting cum out from their pussies.

Another point to make is that women take longer to get aroused than most men do. Some females take even longer than others. If a man thrusts his penis inside a woman’s pussy before she is wet or lubricated, it can hurt her. Or if a lesbian with a strap-on sticks it inside a woman’s pussy too soon, it can have the same effect. Instead of enjoying the big cock inside her vagina, she will be uncomfortable and in pain. She will not enjoy the strap on dildo up her dry cunt either.

Lesbian Porn

Woman's Sex Arousal

Sex With Women

In a way, this can be compared to fucking a girl in the ass without lubricant. Everyone knows that anal sex can be painful for some. Especially those who are not used to it or haven’t done it too much. Adult sites are full of hardcore porn movies showing all kinds of anal content. One of the most popular is the teen anal first time. In these hardcore porn videos, a person can see that some girls don’t always enjoy anal sex the first time. In fact, there are many painful first time anal porn movies available.

porn videos kissing

In the same way that a girl’s tight asshole should be properly lubricated for anal sex, so should her pussy. The best way to make sure you do this is by taking your time with her. Not only that, but by placing emphasis on her arousal. It’s why so many women love foreplay and why it’s such an important part of making love. Without foreplay, most girls don’t get to be properly wet for penetration.

The lesbian massage porn videos are very helpful in this department. They show you how to slowly and carefully begin to spark a woman’s sex arousal. By touching her firm tits and caressing them, you slowly begin to make her pussy juices flow. The lesbian massage seduction hardcore porn videos are perfect examples. You can see how the lesbian giving the massage, uses arousal to her advantage. Within no time, she has the other lesbian girl begging to be licked, penetrated and fucked. Some of the lesbian massage orgasm porn content prove this theory.

touching and licking

Arousing a woman or making her wet by foreplay is sometimes not enough though. You also have to have an end game or make sure you make her scream and come in ecstasy. This is where the lesbian pussy licking and lesbian clit sucking hardcore porn movies come in handy. In them, you can see how to lick and suck on a woman’s pussy correctly. It takes a lot more than simply licking and sucking on a vagina. Any of the many lesbian pussy eating porno content can show this. So can the close up lesbian pussy licking hardcore porn videos. Viewing this kind of lesbian porno is how I became a better lover. I learned a great deal by watching other lesbians eat pussy and clit correctly. After all, who can know how to suck and lick a pussy better that an experienced lesbian?

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